Serendip Website
A local technologist needed a website as part of her new company, Serendip. I worked with her to hone the brand, create the content, and set up and develop the website to allow for continuous business growth in the future. The site needed to showcase a friendly and connective look at the company, and will continue to expand with the organization in the future.

September 2019 - January 2020

Contextual Inquiry, Stakeholder Discovery, Information Architecture, Prototyping, Website Development.

I collaborated with the business owner to understand and scope the role of the website in her business, and was responsible for the visual direction, website creation, and sustainability training.

Once the visual direction and information architecture were set, I developed the sites, handed them off to the client, and took time to run her through how to make changes so she could carry out content creation and future alterations.

With the website completed, the client was able to have a communication and marketing page for her business, which is still active and growing today.
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