I'm Ian Geiman, a User Experience Design Leader with 10+ years of experience in design consulting, automotive, and eCommerce. While heading up product design teams, I help solve complex problems in tough design environments while driving forward positive user experience.
When not working, I can be found running my photography business, reading, thinking up new product ideas, cycling, driving for fun, and learning new languages. Currently learning 日本語 (Japanese) and taking the JLPT proficiency tests. 
I'm passionate about continuous learning, great design and aesthetics, photography, cars, seeing and experiencing the world, making people's lives better, and making our environment a better place to live in for all.
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Big Picture & Small Details
When looking at a design problem I zoom in on the details to handle small issues while maintaining a broad view of the problem in its context. While doing this I also look for design solutions outside that context to uncover new opportunities for a great experience.​​​​​​​
Simplifying Complexity
By taking a broad view of design problems, I can distill down the issues that need solving, helping the working team push through roadblocks and focus on solutions and not complexity.
Balanced Design
Any design problem is multi-faceted. By bridging users, stakeholders, clients, and developers I create the best solutions possible balanced between all considerations. By doing this and working to simplify complexity, I can bring the working team along the design process with a focus on the user while meeting individual stakeholder needs.
Team Focus
I've always enjoyed mentoring, teaching, and building up teams and culture in whatever environment I'm in. Leading teams comes with managing the complexity of people - and I enjoy working through how to blend preferences and working styles while creating and protecting a space for great design and culture to happen.
Clients & Companies
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