Remember the Alamo Kickstarter
For three years Kalamazoo had arguably the best movie theatre for moviegoers who liked old, new, and foreign films. Sadly, the Alamo Drafthouse and Cinema was forced to close in 2017. What started as a "Remember the Alamo" joke became a local Kickstarter after I created a design and had multiple people ask for stickers. A coworker and I planned and ran a quick Kickstarter campaign that delivered Remember the Alamo merchandise to other heartbroken fans.

January 2017 - May 2017

Kickstarter, User Interviews, Business Case Planning, Adobe Creative Suite

I led this Kickstarter and designed the assets used for the deliverables, planned, and implemented the business plan. I also worked with Boatyard Brewing Co. in Kalamazoo to have a special beer brewed in memory of our dearly departed movies.

As the clients were Kickstarter backers, I worked to source and create the products they had ordered: stickers, patches, and coasters. Once the products arrived, I handled distribution to the backers and planned a launch party where the Remember the Alamo beer was unveiled.

While the Kickstarter and products did not save the Alamo, stickers were seen on cars and around town after the completion of the campaign.
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