LOFOB Nonprofit Websites
I traveled to Cape Town, South Africa to consult with a local non-profit. The organization, the League of Friends of the Blind (or LOFOB for short), was in a position where it needed to expand its online presence to better reach various stakeholders and raise funding to continue to help blind and visually impaired individuals in low income areas. I led three other U of M students in understanding stakeholders, ideating how to effectively solve the non-profit's roadblocks, and in building three new websites in a sustainable and accessible way.

May 2019 - July 2019

Surveys, Contextual Inquiry, Stakeholder Discovery, Interviews, Information Architecture, Mockups, Usability Tests.

Throughout the project, I was responsible for project management and client communication, leading the team in user experience research, stakeholder discovery, information architecture, visual design, website development, usability testing, and sustainability planning. An important part of my role in the project was also to help the client learn how to better work with designers and the value of the design process. 

Two main parts of the project were handed off to the client: the live websites, and the sustainability guide. The sustainability guide was especially important, so the client would be able to continue to maintain the work and train new team members in website editing long after the project was completed.

For a non-profit that relies heavily on fundraising, a strong platform to communicate on is vital. With the improved and more accessible website, LOFOB has been able to better match funds and fundraisers to their new and existing efforts while keeping current donors informed.

More info available during in-depth portfolio walkthroughs.
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