GM eCommerce Websites
GM sells both vehicles and products for their vehicles, and a suite of websites exist to support the latter category. I've worked on features for the garage, unified homepage, navigation, cross-page structure, digital products, cart, product detail page, product cards, homepage, and new product launches for all four brands.

January 2022 - Today

User Research, Wireframes, Low Fidelity Prototypes, High Fidelity Prototypes, Data-Tracking.

As the lead designer on the eComm team, I work to create new experiences, upgrade current experiences, and prioritize good user experience of the GM websites in a variety of ways.  I also help set design priority, strategy, and lead our working team in a broader set of features and deliverables.

Finished and annotated wireframes, flows, and continued development support of features. Support for new products, and gradual upgrades to the experience. Lists of enhancements for the backlog.

Measurable increases in revenue, user satisfaction, and reduced technical complexity across a variety of features and websites.

More info available during in-depth portfolio walkthroughs.
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